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The Mosel region has the world's highest concentration of Roman finds from the third and fourth centuries. After the first storm by Franks 275 AD, the former city of Augusta Treverorum was again upgraded and acted temporarily under Emperor Constantine as a residence and capital of the Western Roman Empire . Therefore, the present-day Trier has great buildings, which are second only to Rome. Since 1986 nine objects in the region are a World Heritage Site of the United Nations. The Roman legacy is still alive in many places.

Example: One day guided tour
(from 9am to 6 pm)

Throughout our guided tour, we provide you with an overview of the work of the Romans along the Moselle. The day starts with a personal tour of one of Europe's most important archaeological museums. In 2011the Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier won the"Red Dot: Best of the Best” award for his exhibition design". Right after that you will experience selected historical sites in and around Trier. Through expert information or assistance, Late Antiquity the region comes alive before your eyes.

In the afternoon, over ancient Roman roads to the countryside, where we will visit a former temple and an ancient castle . You can enjoy a meal after the Roman custom in a reconstructed Roman villa.

Besides, you learn a lot about Europe’s history in the quadrangle of four countries and get to know the beautiful Moselle countryside. Talk to me. I am a certified tour guide of the Greater Region in accordance with DIN-EN.

Alternative program half day trip
(Duration 4 hours , sample)

  • Supervised tour of the Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier,
  • Excursion to ancient sites in and around Trier,
  • Cultural and geographical description of the landscape while on tour,
  • "Roman Picnic”
  • Transfer to the hotel, starting point or follow-up program.

Optional program points are extra.

We will be pleased to offer changes to the program by prior arrangement