In tourism SlowMosel is the most individual and most pleasant way to discover with a light heart what the Mosel region has to offer.

A lovely day
will turn into
a golden memory

SlowMosel meets the demands of the most discriminating traveller and tourist interested in culture and enables him to enjoy relatively spontaneously all attractions “by the wayside” through a varied programme. The number of participants on each trip will be limited to six persons (e.g. three couples). In wine tourism that is a popular number.

Picnic trips for couples or singles with an old VW-Käfer from 1960 are an exclusive way to discover and enjoy the varied countryside.

The Trier region’s varied touristic highlights – following the client’s ideas and depending on seasonal opportunities and special occasions – will be thematically combined to a programme full of varieties. Short term alterations with a view to refine the trip experience within the terms of the General Conditions are always possible. SlowMosel combines the region’s varied opportunities by selected routes.

Although SlowMosel is not a classical tourist information facility the chauffeur-guide’s vast expertise and regional knowledge will during the tour provide the visitors with a deep insight into the peculiarities and character of the river Mosel’s country side full of culture and nature.

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